Introducing The Jam Network 

Living your passion and sharing your talents with the world is a goal that we all desire as musicians and artists.  We strive for our goals through networking, practicing, going to shows, listening to other musicians and singers, among other things.  However, making a life in the industry means it is up to you to create and secure a financial future for you and your family. Instead of living your dreams, musicians and artist are often unsuccessful.  As a result, they struggle financially, emotionally, physically, and even mentally. The Jam Network will encourage, motivate and empower individuals while jamming music and information that will elevate musicians and artists.  We will address the biggest concerns and help you get to the success you desire as an artist.


The Jam Network will address such concerns as:

  • spending too much money

  • fear of not having enough money

  • Personal Health

  • Banking

  • worrying about how to earn enough to support their lifestyle

  • credit

  • credit card debt

  • not knowing how to budget

  • How to set goals

  • networking

  • inability to save for emergencies and retirement

             a general feeling of "I'm not good at this."

             or perhaps you need more information about saving for retirement, investing, taxes and the    

             implications of being self-employed and as well as how to get funding for projects.


I’m sure this list could be a lot longer, but whatever your endgame is, The Jam Network wants to help you reach your level of success.

Music Director of Soulful of Noise

Chris Black is the new Music Director of Soulfulofnoise the biggest independent music platform.  Soulfofnoise was

Established by Lynisha Hyche and Xavier Henderson, SoulfulofNoise is a complete platform for the independent artists of today. We support and showcase the work of independent artists in every genre through our events and our website.